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by Simon ParkeOne-Minute Mystic

Former priest and Daily Mail columnist, Simon Parke, gives us modern day parables; short, to the point and uplifting. This is a fun, easy to access book that takes the quick route rather than long meditations and week-long retreats, but still manages to provoke deep inner thoughtfulness.

This is a collection of stimulating short meditations, thought experiments and tiny tales that will reconnect you with your inner knowing. Take a few minutes out of a busy schedule to pause with this book and you will be richly rewarded every time. As the author says – hop around from chapter to chapter, like a bumble bee hops from flower to flower – this is a random adventure, pot luck where you open and what you find.

At the end of the book comes the line – dross can shine for a time but should not be mistaken for gold – this book is the gold.

Review by Rosalyn Ogden

Published by Hay House  www.hayhouse.co.uk

ISBN: 1848501773



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Poems to soothe the Soul

by Nanna Aida SvendsenOf Water Lilies and Warm Hearts

“The poem ‘Will You?’ seems to resonate with our current time of cosmic changes and our role in it.  I love the powerfully short lines of this poem that speak straight to the heart.  ‘Live What You Love’ has a less formal style, bringing such a lovely example of what it is to truly live your life doing what you do with a sense of love.” Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel

“I really enjoyed these poems.  They were deeply simple yet shared a deepness that really captivated my senses.  Uplifting like the beginning of Spring:  they brought Hope.” Ann O’Keife

“Some poems relate to the inner you;  one’s inner voice is always right, if one can hear it and follow it life will become so much more worthwhile.  Other poems are saying if you don’t love yourself how can you expect others to love you? Loving yourself without ego is the key.” Alan Paine

Review by the Paradigm Shift Review Panel. Published by Pleasant House Ltd., ISBN 978-0-9555080-0-4.


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by John C RobinsonFinding Heaven Here

In Finding Heaven Here, the author, a minister, mystic and psychologist, leads the reader away from the ego-driven world of man to heaven on earth, by way of simple and practical exercises using a navigational tool which he calls ‘Heavens Compass’.  The compass reveals the four realms of spiritual life, and working through each one, we are taken on a journey of revelation, helping us  to understand why, where and when we lost our natural ability to ‘find Heaven here’.  There is extensive research into mythical and mystical traditions, for which there is an excellent appendix of categorised source material.  This I personally found helpful, as I was inspired to explore certain aspects in more depth.  This is a workbook, and requires practice and patience to achieve results.  However, it is inspiring in that it reminds us that throughout the ages we have been given insights and reminders of our true nature, if only we can get out of our own way.

Review by Sandra Marrison.  Published by O Books  ISBN 978-1-84694-156-6  www.o-books.net


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