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by The Spiritual Sojourn CentreSpirit of White Jaguar

The CD starts with South American style music and the calls of birds with a deep underlying beat to soothe and relax the listener.

The female voice starts to list the links to Pachamama and Peru – Cuzco is the city of the White Jaguar and Lake Titicaca means Lake of the Stone White Jaguar. She also explains that more White Jaguar people are incarnating to help bring balance to Mother Earth.

The systems for guided meditation are then set up – following the breath and surrounding the self with White Light for protection. You are then guided to see Pachamama and White Jaguar. The voice explains that White Jaguar is with you because part of your spiritual journey is to be alone like White Jaguar. White Jaguar never seeks to be seen – you only know where it has been – White Jaguar does not need to depend on ego. White Jaguar comes to tell you to stop procrastinating and move forward with faith and courage. Don’t lash out at others from your own pain; honour others, ourselves, Mother Earth/ Pachamama, hearth and home.

Inca Shamans must follow the 4 fold path of the Medicine Wheel and the voice goes on to guide you along the directions South, West, North and East. Then there is a request for healing at all levels and the music comes back to the fore and the meditative state for healing is invoked. This goes on for about half of the taped session.

The voice returns and there is a call for us to transcend time and live life wisely and in harmony with Pachamama. We are asked to consider the way that we use resources and how we can be more respondent to the natural flow of our environment. White Jaguar medicine is then invoked for us to take control of our lives and become leaders. We are asked to send healing to Mother Earth. Then the tape begins to bring us back to ourselves, closes the chakras, leaving us revitalised and recharged. The voice ends with the welcome back to our lives.

The music returns and fades slowly out for the end of the session.

This meditation is easy to follow and has a good beginning and completion; you are left feeling refreshed and thoughtful about White Jaguar and Pachamama. The idea of the Medicine Wheel would have to be followed up in another form to have any benefit, but there is an abundance of Shamanic writing/guidance on this for those who are interested in taking it further. A good basic meditation for anyone to use, beginner or experienced meditator – though those with more experience may have wished for there to be a little less music and for it to have been shorter.

Review by Ros Ogden

Published by The Spiritual Sojourn Centre


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by J SmedleyMy Angel Diary

I am really enjoying using this diary and I don’t usually keep one. It is written with enthusiasm, but is gentle and understated. There is an introductory section that briefly sets the scene of how the author came to communicate with angels. Then there are sections on how to connect with angels during 2013; how to use numerology to choose a wedding day or make a new start; a meditation to help connections with angels to be repeated when ever you feel like using it; why colours have been chosen for each month; and lastly an explanation of the concept ‘giving to receive’.

Each month is introduced by a brief overall view of that month, and what it could hold for us; a gemstone and colour for the month, angel wishes for the month; a case study/story of someone’s connections with angels and how to focus on Mother Earth for that month;  tips to help you connect to Mother Earth, the atmosphere, the moon and the planets.

Each week has a focus word: Forgive/See/Be etc and an angel lesson.  Eg. Happiness isn’t a material thing, but a spiritual concept.

Each day has a small space for you to write down personal comments – just enough for a few sentences or bullet points – not enough for a full journal, enough for all your important appointments and special dates.

At the end are the calendasr for 2014, useful contacts, a section to put reminders, resources listed and a page about the author.

A little bigger than pocket size, but a handy little diary to pick up and use and bring you closer to our celestial friends.

Review by Ros Ogden

Published by Hay House UK Ltd


ISBN: 978 – 1- 84850 – 973 – 3

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