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by His Holiness The Dalai LamaThe Dalai Lama
Translated and Edited By Jeffrey Hopkins

The translator of this book, Jeffrey Hopkins PhD, is Professor of Tibetan Studies at the University of Virginia. In addition to translating this and other books by the Dalai Lama, he has also written the Foreword to the present book.

His Holiness introduces the book by speaking about the need for peace and kindness in the world. His book offers, in an accessible and comprehensible way, valuable techniques from Tibetan tradition, which can lead to mental peace.

Using examples from the life of Buddha, the Dalai Lama tells us of three stages on this path: morality, concentrated meditation and wisdom, each one serving as the basis for the next. There is a section devoted to each of these three stages. The Dalai Lama also gives some insight into Tantra.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama is very much aware of the world in which we live. In particular, because of the global economy, he knows that no nation can remain isolated. It is therefore most important that the values discussed in this book are put into practice.

Review by Annie Prosser

Published by Rider Books


ISBN 9780712630306

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by Geraint HughesMedit 1

Medit 1 is a series of 9 audio visual tracks, each lasting 10 minutes, of natural scenes all shot in real time, to assist you to reach a deep relaxation experience. The music is intentionally non melodic so that it does not distract you.

Each clip is a ten minute glimpse into a natural process – a candle responding to subtle changes in air pressure; palm trees responding to the wind; orbiting jelly fish etc all to be focused and contemplated upon.

When I first put this DVD on and started to watch, my mind went haywire! We are so used to video entertainment and lots of things happening and lots of sound that this is to the “little I” an awful bore! Mind ticked and clucked and wandered and went all over the place, but part of me also settled and relaxed in a really deep, profound way. So although it was hard to do that first time, I felt quieter and more relaxed after the experience and willing to give it another go. The next time, I managed to slow the thoughts more within that ten minutes and still had the good feeling at the end – after that I found that the mind chatter actually stilled fairly quickly and the whole experience was deep and rewarding.

I have been meditating for many years and yet never in this way. In the world where video is used to busy our minds, stimulate our brains and entertain us, this is a unique way to use the same media to do the opposite. It will take some time to get used to and to take the step to the next level, but it is well worth making the effort and the feelings of deep relaxation are actually quite profound. Over and above all this the visuals are quite stunningly beautiful and natural. I would recommend this video and it is a good way to show young people that films like this can actually take us away from the business of the everyday world, not necessarily keep the busy world wrapped around us all the time. Take the journey and see what it does for you.

Reviewed by Cathelijne Filippo


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by Marco PogacnikNature Spirits & Elemental Beings

Marco Pogacnik’s evocative images of the nature spirits draw our attention to the lost harmony of the natural world which has been disrupted by the impact of human culture.

This book is a journey through Marko’s life and experiences. Through his eyes you are able to follow how he first encountered nature spirits and elemental beings and he encourages the reader to get out into nature and experience them for themselves. It is a story of one mans life and you are invited to follow in his footsteps and re-connect with nature and all that it has to offer.

To begin with I found this book a little hard going but after the first couple of chapters I understood what Marko was trying to convey. Nature spirits are beings that I am very keen to make contact with and through this book I was able to set off with clear ideas of how to proceed. It was very helpful to know that even Marko had to take time and patience to achieve his goal which meant that when I first tried and did not succeed I was not put off. Anyone wishing to do the same will find this book very informative.

Review by Sandra Roberts

Published by Findhorn Press   www.findhornpress.com

ISBN: 978-1-84409-175-1



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by Gordon SmithWhy do Bad Things Happen?

When the UK’s most highly respected medium, Gordon Smith, gives a reading to a bereaved person who has lost a loved one in tragic or sudden circumstances, they often want to understand why that death has occurred. Gordon Smith does not claim to have definitive answers to these questions, but in this powerfully inspiring book he shares his understanding of fate, destiny, free will and karma.

This is an easy to read, chatty book in which Gordon Smith shares many of his experiences as a medium and the understandings he has come to about death and the lessons it brings to us. He looks at issues like death as a punishment, karma, what triggers violent death, how we can overcome trauma in this lifetime, waking up from the dream stream and preparing for death. He also outlines some meditations that can help us along our own paths.

This book shows just how much the author has helped a range of people come to terms with loss, emerge out of grief and find their way back to life again. Some of the stories quoted are very moving and the understanding shown by Gordon Smith is profound and helpful to the reader. We should all read this book to help us face our own mortality and that of those close to us, especially in our society where such discussions are still largely taboo. As such a positive view of immortality of Spirit, it will help to uplift our thinking.

Review by Ros Ogden

Published by Hay House   www. hayhouse.co.uk

ISBN: 978-1-84850-102-7


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Zen Garden CDby Patrick Kelly

Using authentic instrumentation such as Japanese shakuhachi, subtle strings, guitar and percussion, combined with his much acclaimed musical ability, Patrick has created a perfect space for the listener to unwind and escape from the increasingly difficult world in which we live.

Born of his imagination and lovingly crafted into reality Zen Garden also demonstrates perfectly that music can often provide an inspirational aid to healing, meditation and other alternative therapies.

Patrick invites you to join him on his heartfelt journey to the inspiring space that is the calm, peace and tranquillity of the Zen Garden.

I found this CD to be slightly but pleasantly hypnotic as some of the musical phrasing is repetitive and in one place is in the forefront of the piece, and in the next it can be heard gently underpinning the main composition. It induces such a state of calm that all tensions just seem to drift away on a gentle stream of sound. I became so relaxed I lost all sense of time and became part of the music – absolute bliss! A perfect gift – especially for yourself!

Review by Joan Osborne

Published by New World Music Limited  www.newworldmusic.com

ISBN: 1-84660-44—0

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Carolyn Williams is a gifted healer and channel and an experienced teacher of Angelic Reiki and the Gaiadon Heart Keys of Ascension system. Trained by Edwin Courtenay, she is one of the first teachers of Module 1 of the Inspiration system and facilitates the awakenment of people’s Atlantean memories and energies. Unlike other systems, this 2 day course acts as a foundation for any of the other twelve voluntary modules – and you can choose which of the others interests you most. Module 1 also awakens Atlantean healing energy connections within you, linking you to the Temple of Peace.

The group for the workshop I attended was small (four in number) so that each participant gains the maximum benefit. Carolyn first introduced us to the Inspiration system which has been channelled by Edwin Courtenay to help awaken Atlantean memories and dormant Atlantean DNA. We received our own extensive manual containing many details of the system (which is overseen by the Cosmic Ascended Master Solomon, the Ascended Masters St Germaine and Hilarion, and the angels of Atlantis) and the Atlantean power symbols. Carolyn also presented each of us with a crystal contained in its own coloured pouch, and explained why this particular stone had been chosen. She also gave each person details (previously channelled by Edwin) of the energetic devices which had been affecting us and the assurance that these would be removed in the first day.

Following the introduction, the first day was filled with profound and moving meditative journeys and awakenments, interspersed with precious nuggets of information. Each journey brought something new and amazing and the presence of powerful energies was palpable, particularly in the meditation where the ancient energy attachments were removed. Carolyn guides you through each day easily and safely, and there is a constant feeling of love and serenity. She also makes sure there are set breaks to allow re-grounding and centring – a truly gifted and caring teacher.

The second day was devoted to Healing Awakenments and we were led through a meditation/journey to meet our own Healing Angel – a most powerful and empowering experience. Time was given to studying the various symbols and their meanings, and experiencing the healing both as a client and a healer – working directly with our Healing Angel. At the close of the day, Carolyn channelled a message for the group from the Cosmic Ascended Master Solomon – another wonderful experience.

There is so much more I could say about this amazing workshop, but words alone cannot do it justice – it just has to be experienced. If you are interested in adding another dimension to your Reiki practice, or bringing new awareness and purpose into your life, this is the workshop for you.

Review by Joan Osbourne

For further information on the system, contact Carolyn direct on 020 8540 830 or visit www.thereikiofatlantis.co.uk or www.carolynwilliams.info

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by Fraser MorrisSea of Calm

Stunning debut album by Fraser Morris, taking you through Islands, Rivers & Waterfalls, through Cosmic Beauty and ending up at Realisation of Self.

This album is so soothing and calming and is the perfect remedy for helping to de-stress and wind-down at the end of a long and tiring day. You do notice a calmness that descends into the room as it progresses.

Also, as a therapist I now use this CD to help my clients find that relaxed, calm, person they are without the hustle and bustle of work. All in all this is a thoroughly enjoyable CD.

Review by Sally Tyler


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