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by Joanne GregoryASK_20_26_20IT_20WILL_20HAPPEN_20SET_large

My first thought when I took off the cellophane was “what a clever little box this is incorporating an easel in which to slip a card”. It even has a magnetic strip to keep the box secure. I also like the thumbhole that makes it easy to open. As someone who has quite a collection of oracle sets, this is definitely one of the easiest to access and store. It is a great starter-set for someone who has just learnt about The Law of Attraction, as well as being a pleasant reminder of the benevolence of Our Creator for an old hand like me.

There is nothing difficult or complicated about this charming set, illustrated brightly and cheerfully by Eleanor Carter. One card is drawn daily, weekly or monthly to help focus the desire to manifest whatever we feel we need in our lives. As there are messages on both sides, I simply close my eyes and choose one daily. The accompanying booklet expands on the wise advice. To quote Joanne herself “The universe is constructed so that once a clear request is sent out, the laws of the universe are instigated and a result guaranteed.” If we stop and analyse our lives thus far we can see that this process really does work. (I sometimes find that a throwaway idea works the best because I haven’t blocked it with obsession.)

Joanne guides inquirers to ask for what they desire, write it down so they can check back later, tell themselves that whatever is requested is already here, “visualise it over and over again”, then draw a card. “Believe your request will come to you and it will.”

My only complaint about oracle sets in general is that they mostly attract women. Men are spiritual too. Even hairy bikers need loving guidance! So how about some more masculine ones minus the hearts and flowers and ever-present female angels?

Review by Jane Stewart Adams

Published by CICO Books



ISBN: 978-1-907030-68-0


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by Marina Costelloe manifesting with crystals

The Complete Guide to Manifesting with Crystals shows you how to use crystals to create the life you deserve. Work with crystal energy to focus your intentions, manifest your goals, support your soul journey and attract abundance into your life. Relationships, health, well-being, career – all can be improved with crystal awareness. Crystals help you re-think who you are and where you want to be.

By using the crystal manifesting recipes contained in this book you can visualize and manifest your new reality and move forward with confidence in your life. Let crystals light your path clear!

For me this book was a joy to read. I have always been attracted to crystals, even as a child. This book combines the powerful energy of crystals with that of the Law of Attraction and the so-called ‘High Five’: positive feeling, positive thought, positive action, positive will and positive energy. It is a very practical book with a positive focus to help the support the reader in his or her personal ascension process. I especially loved all the little recipes, such as “A Crystal Recipe to Manifest Love” and “A Crystal Recipe to Manifest Health and Well-being”. I am looking forward to start trying them out!

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel

Published by Findhorn Press  www.findhornpress.com

ISBN number: 978-1-84409-169-0


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