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by Deborah Sless

Beyond Our Illusions

Beyond Our Illusions

Despite following the advice of a wealth of bestselling self-help books, most of us are still no closer to understanding the fundamental laws and principles that govern the universe, our interactions within it and our ability to achieve success, health, wealth and happiness.  Have you ever wondered why the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you? There is a very rational reason why.

Quite simply, the Universal Laws CANNOT work in our favour until we identify and remove the psychological issues that are blocking our ability to manifest our goals and desires.

In her ground-breaking and easy-to-understand book, UKCP and BACP accredited psychotherapist, Deborah Sless, uses the concrete psychological theory of Transactional Analysis to uncover the secrets behind the Universal Laws and explain how they really work. By joining her on this journey of self-discovery, readers will begin to understand:

The Universal Laws and their significance in our daily lives.

Our own individual Life Story and the beliefs we formed in childhood that continue to impact us today.

How to achieve freedom from our illusions and move towards genuine self development.

The concept of Spirit as an energy force and how to tap into it.

I found this book contains a wealth of material with which to work.  It illustrates graphically how the belief systems we have – most of which we are not even conscious of – colour our thinking in so many subtle ways. Deborah Sless gives examples, and then provides the exercises to help us begin to bring a different view to how we perceive ourselves and change our interactions with the world around us. This is a book that needs to be studied rather than just read, but it is possible to ‘cherry pick’ those areas that catch the attention more than others. Because such clear examples and explanations are given, this book is somewhat easier to follow than more complex volumes in the same genre. A valuable tool for anyone wishing to either see how their own belief systems came into being, or to actually bring about change; I certainly found a couple of very relevant illustrations of how I have been influenced by my ‘story’ over the years!

Review by Joan Osborne

Published by Live It Publishing



ISBN: 978-1-906954-42-0

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by Joanne GregoryASK_20_26_20IT_20WILL_20HAPPEN_20SET_large

My first thought when I took off the cellophane was “what a clever little box this is incorporating an easel in which to slip a card”. It even has a magnetic strip to keep the box secure. I also like the thumbhole that makes it easy to open. As someone who has quite a collection of oracle sets, this is definitely one of the easiest to access and store. It is a great starter-set for someone who has just learnt about The Law of Attraction, as well as being a pleasant reminder of the benevolence of Our Creator for an old hand like me.

There is nothing difficult or complicated about this charming set, illustrated brightly and cheerfully by Eleanor Carter. One card is drawn daily, weekly or monthly to help focus the desire to manifest whatever we feel we need in our lives. As there are messages on both sides, I simply close my eyes and choose one daily. The accompanying booklet expands on the wise advice. To quote Joanne herself “The universe is constructed so that once a clear request is sent out, the laws of the universe are instigated and a result guaranteed.” If we stop and analyse our lives thus far we can see that this process really does work. (I sometimes find that a throwaway idea works the best because I haven’t blocked it with obsession.)

Joanne guides inquirers to ask for what they desire, write it down so they can check back later, tell themselves that whatever is requested is already here, “visualise it over and over again”, then draw a card. “Believe your request will come to you and it will.”

My only complaint about oracle sets in general is that they mostly attract women. Men are spiritual too. Even hairy bikers need loving guidance! So how about some more masculine ones minus the hearts and flowers and ever-present female angels?

Review by Jane Stewart Adams

Published by CICO Books



ISBN: 978-1-907030-68-0

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By Eva M. Sakmar-SullivanOracle Cards

Inspire your sixth sense to guide you, using the energy associated with the images on 60 beautifully illustrated oracle cards. Based on the law of attraction, you will choose the cards that are in vibrational harmony with the answers you seek or what you most need to know. Working with these cards on a daily basis will have a positive impact on your life and the people around you.

What do you need to know about love?  Spark your intuition and connection with Divine guidance and celebrate love through purity and the magnificence of self! Eva’s mission is for her artwork to serve as inspiration for personal and planetary healing, transformation and love. She is a visionary painter and environmentalist with a special love for dolphins and creatures of the sea.

I absolutely love this oracle deck. The box holds 60 cards and an accompanying booklet with guidance for the reader. The back of the cards shows a beautiful illustration of a couple entwined within a tree. Behind it are a rainbow and the galaxy and next to it the sea and two dolphins. The cards depict pictures of mystical beings such as angels, dolphins, Pegasus, unicorns, faeries and sacred places as well. Some illustrations have featured on the cover of Paradigm Shift in the past.

I received the deck at a time when relationship troubles of a family member triggered my own past hurts. As I shuffled the cards, one dropped out. I put it back, shuffled once more and picked a card. And it was the same one that had fallen out of the pile. It was the forgiveness card. I could not have picked a better one. The text in the booklet was very helpful as well, giving me just the guidance I needed.

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokeel

Published by Shiffer Publishing


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The Larger Perspective on the Leading Edge of ThoughtTen Great Ways to Understand the World

by Else Byskov

The title of this book is pretty self-explanatory, and also introduces the conversational writing style of the author.  Reading it you feel she is actually speaking to you, asking you questions and at times directing a point at you with some force!

The work is inspired by the Danish 20th Century visionary, Martinus, whose writings made a deep and lasting impression on Else.  She is keen to share his understandings on the world as a whole.

Those familiar with the concepts of Karma, Law of Attraction, Spirit, etc may find the book a little repetitive, but for those awakening to these ideas it provides a thorough grounding.  Else puts forward some interesting ideas in the chapters on Reincarnation and Becoming Human, offering new suggestions on how a soul incarnates, and why we are attracted to each other.

She is very thorough in her writing, frequently going into considerable detail as she explains an idea.  There is a great deal of material here, and while I would recommend that it is read with discernment, it nevertheless offers plenty of food for thought.

Review by Diana Savil. 

ISBN  978-1451552966.  www.deathisanillusion.com

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by Sandra Anne Taylor

I found this a very useful and practical book. Although it is perhaps a little too weighted towards using the Law of Attraction for material purposes, it is nevertheless an excellent guide to have on the spiritual path as well and the exercises apply to all areas of life. The book is clearly written and I liked the way the content is broken down into a kind of countdown to success – seven universal laws, six personal powers, five magnetic energies, four steps, three unseen assistants (the most overtly spiritual section), two obstacles and cuminating with the one path to success.

Sandra Anne Taylor writes with such clarity and enthusiasm that the reader can easily learn to picture what they want to achieve, understand why they may not have succeeded in the past, and take concrete steps to make their vision a reality. An excellent guide to harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction.

Review by Willow Thomas

Published by Hay House  www.hayhouse.co.uk  ISBN 978-1-84850-113-3


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