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A beginner’s guide to Eastern Spirituality. 5 DVD set.

Going Nowhere

Going Nowhere

by Dr. Lorenzo da Costa

This is a series of 5 DVDs, four lectures in the old fashioned sense of the word – as they are non interactive, you are a passive listener/viewer; and one account of Dr da Costa’s experiences and personal journey.

The first lecture (45 minutes) is on meditation and the various slides give visual backing to the background soundtrack which discusses consciousness, awareness and meditation with comparison and contrast between East and West. Being ‘Here and Now’ is seen as a central theme and the explanation for practising meditation is that it keeps us in the Here and Now and lessens chronic anxiety in this way. Dr. da Costa does not explain how to meditate, he suggests Internet links for this, but he does discuss in brief the various ways to practice meditation. He also cautions that it really takes about 10 years to get anywhere in the practice of meditation.

The second lecture (55 minutes) is a comparison and contrast between mysticism in the East and West and he particularly contrasts theology and mysticism, through the traditions of the Judeo/Christian versus the Vedic traditions. He details the Path of Yoga and defines Karma and Reincarnation.

The third lecture (40 minutes) looks at orthodox and complementary medicine. He considers transpersonal approaches to therapy in some detail, describing the theories from Freud, Jung and Rogers to Assaglioli, Weiss and Seigman.

The fourth lecture (30 minutes) introduces a selection of books/authors that Dr. da Costa believes are important for those who are interested in these issues to read.

In his journey DVD, Dr. da Costa describes who he is and where he comes from. He was a doctor in London, but he now works alongside general medicinal practice. He has turned to being a scholar of epistemology and it is this viewpoint that guides the lectures.

This set of DVD’s is designed for beginners to the field of Eastern Spirituality as compared to Western Spirituality. It gives definitions of a range of topics covered in this field and ideas of where to look further for information – it is more of a map through the field than an exploration of the field itself. It would appeal to someone who needs pointers as to the best sources of knowledge of meditation techniques, mysticism and transpersonal approaches to therapy. It is an overview of the best places to look for further knowledge of these topics.

Review by Ros Ogden

Published by Watkins Books




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Field Guide to the Emerging Consciousness – Volume OneMaking The Shift

by Moriah Marston & the Tibetan

Finally, a guide book arrives to assist us in these tumultuous times of upheaval, breakdown, and change! The author’s psychological perspective and the Tibetan’s (Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, aka Master DK) cosmic overview and expansive wisdom prepare us as we walk the razor’s edge to make a profound shift in consciousness. Within these pages we access the greater perspective of this time of collective transformation which empowers us to release victim-hood, establish our bearings and orient to the rapidly approaching horizon of the new paradigm. The Tibetan’s teachings clarify, ease, catalyse, and reassure us on this mysterious journey. The reader is guided to harness today’s accelerated energies and ride the wave of transformation with confidence, optimism, strength, and faith. May this book inspire you, comfort you, challenge you, and bring us all closer together as we smile in recognition that indeed something wonderful is happening to every one of us!

I found this book very interesting, though not an easy read. It is one of those books that are best read a chapter at the time to let the vast amount of high vibrational information sink in slowly.

Moriah has worked with the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul for many years and it felt like a relief to read about her own doubts along the way. It was interesting to read how karma, highly alterable, transforms when one’s mind-set changes. This is certainly hopeful! Another very helpful line was the affirmation to start the day with: “Beloved soul, how can I best embody you through my human nature and form and carry your destiny into my day with full co-operation and co-creation?”

A final highlight for me was reading about the love of the Ascended Masters for mankind and how this great love opens a portal to the Inner Ashram that resides within each student.

The shift to the new consciousness certainly is not for the faint of heart! This book can help those who are ready to take on the challenge!

Review by Cathleijne Filippo-Kokkeel

Published by Yorkshire Publishing



ISBN:  978-1-936750-69-6

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The Truth about ReincarnationSerial Consciousness

by Greg Branson

Greg Branson is a quiet visionary who probes deeply into the higher planes of consciousness and those subtle realms within the Earth.  He has investigated the plans of the Godhead and observed the individual and collective patterns overseeing all lives, including those still to come.  As a past-life therapist he has helped many people unpick the tight bind of karma that builds up in the human psyche blocking a clear view of the present reality.

Greg explains the process of incarnation, how the soul gradually descends into the body, and accommodates divine purpose and the wishes of other incarnations.  He describes at length with examples how active personalities in other lifetimes have a strong influence on the challenges we face and how karma can eventually be worked out.  He says Karmic issues do not necessarily flow from one life into the next.  Unresolved fragments of our pasts are drawn from different incarnations, often hundreds of years apart, and may leave us feeling fragmented and indecisive.

This book is not for the faint hearted, it is not a light read and it assumes a certain amount of knowledge.  Struggling initially to grasp where Greg was going with his narrative, I was glad I persevered.  As I worked my way into this book a whole new way of understanding re-incarnation and karma was revealed to me, and my interest was fuelled with more and more tasty insights.  Highly recommended for those seeking to add to their knowledge of this vast subject.

Review by Claire Williams

The Eye of Gaza Press


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The Larger Perspective on the Leading Edge of ThoughtTen Great Ways to Understand the World

by Else Byskov

The title of this book is pretty self-explanatory, and also introduces the conversational writing style of the author.  Reading it you feel she is actually speaking to you, asking you questions and at times directing a point at you with some force!

The work is inspired by the Danish 20th Century visionary, Martinus, whose writings made a deep and lasting impression on Else.  She is keen to share his understandings on the world as a whole.

Those familiar with the concepts of Karma, Law of Attraction, Spirit, etc may find the book a little repetitive, but for those awakening to these ideas it provides a thorough grounding.  Else puts forward some interesting ideas in the chapters on Reincarnation and Becoming Human, offering new suggestions on how a soul incarnates, and why we are attracted to each other.

She is very thorough in her writing, frequently going into considerable detail as she explains an idea.  There is a great deal of material here, and while I would recommend that it is read with discernment, it nevertheless offers plenty of food for thought.

Review by Diana Savil. 

ISBN  978-1451552966.  www.deathisanillusion.com

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by Ruth WhiteWorking with your Soul

How can I do justice to this book in a few short paragraphs? I’m tempted to simply say, ‘read it!’ This would certainly be my advice for anyone who has yet to find an answer to the eternal questions, ‘why me?’ or, ‘what am I here for?’ Even if you don’t work your way faithfully through all the exercises – which I haven’t done yet – you will find a lot of very useful information to help you answer those and other similar questions, including a detailed explanation of karmic issues.

There are chapters on relationships (family, friends, romantic, business, enemies etc); archetypal helpers and obstacles and illness/dark nights of the soul, as well as ‘decoding your soul’s purpose’ and other helpful subjects.  Ruth White offers a comprehensive guide to finding out what your soul is hoping to achieve from your lifetime, and how you can consciously work towards those objectives.  Anyone who is working through a lifetime of struggle with a particular issue, e.g. health, may at last find the reasons for this. There is a chapter devoted to the three types of karmic work.  Retributive, is resolving a past-life issue, or making up in some way for past imbalances or abuses. Redemptive, is helping others to work through similar issues, from the perspective of your own journey through them – working towards a life that makes your heart sing. Transcendent, is going beyond the need to do this work, to a stage where you surpass the needs and expectations of your soul contract and all obstacles disappear, leaving you to move forward joyously and freely to heights you never dreamed possible.

I also have Ruth’s book, ‘Working with your spirit guides’; this book is a companion or sequel to it, though you don’t need to have read one to work with the other. However, taken as a pair they could help to completely transform your life, leaving you with a better understanding of your reasons for incarnating; where you are now; and where you would like to be; and also with a useful road map and guidance for getting there. A thoroughly recommended read.

Review by Karen Tucker

Published by Piatkus   www.piatkus.co.uk


ISBN: 0-7499-2745-3

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by Gordon SmithWhy do Bad Things Happen?

When the UK’s most highly respected medium, Gordon Smith, gives a reading to a bereaved person who has lost a loved one in tragic or sudden circumstances, they often want to understand why that death has occurred. Gordon Smith does not claim to have definitive answers to these questions, but in this powerfully inspiring book he shares his understanding of fate, destiny, free will and karma.

This is an easy to read, chatty book in which Gordon Smith shares many of his experiences as a medium and the understandings he has come to about death and the lessons it brings to us. He looks at issues like death as a punishment, karma, what triggers violent death, how we can overcome trauma in this lifetime, waking up from the dream stream and preparing for death. He also outlines some meditations that can help us along our own paths.

This book shows just how much the author has helped a range of people come to terms with loss, emerge out of grief and find their way back to life again. Some of the stories quoted are very moving and the understanding shown by Gordon Smith is profound and helpful to the reader. We should all read this book to help us face our own mortality and that of those close to us, especially in our society where such discussions are still largely taboo. As such a positive view of immortality of Spirit, it will help to uplift our thinking.

Review by Ros Ogden

Published by Hay House   www. hayhouse.co.uk

ISBN: 978-1-84850-102-7


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by Richard Lawrence

Prayer Energy

Everything we think affects the world around us, as well as our own lives. Through everyday prayer, we can transform states of mind and ways of living. Exploring a wealth of traditions and techniques, Richard Lawrence shows us the profound connection between positive thought and powerful change in his book Prayer Energy. From praying for the recovery of a loved one to a prayer for peace on the planet, the act of prayer can transform attitudes and realities.

Included are over 30 of the most inspiring, uplifting prayers from the worlds many cultures and faiths. Arranged in themed chapters, there are prayers for peace, travel, compassion, healing, and many more. Some of these prayers may be familiar, others, new to you; but all will help inspire powerful, positive change.

Prayer Energy looks like a gift book, with its many pictures of art stemming from the different religions and cultures around the world. It reflects the overall atmosphere this book creates: a holistic yet practical view on prayer.

For me this book was very inspiring. In my early childhood I was raised Catholic, but we never went to church after I reached puberty. For me prayer had become something ranging from a lifeless habit to a hopeless pleading, yet I felt prayer could be a wonderful part of my lightwork. This book gave a wonderful answer to my dilemma. It leaves the confinement of religious dogma behind to bring a respectful and insightful view on prayer in which the most important ingredient of prayer is love. Interesting subjects are touched upon, such as karma in relation to prayer.

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel

Published by Cico Books ISBN: 978-1-906525-52-1 www.cicobooks.com


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