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by Dr. Frank J KinslowThe Secret of Everyday Bliss

Dr. Frank Kinslow is the discoverer and developer of Quantum Entrainment; the ground breaking technique for eliminating emotional and physical discord for yourself and others. In this book he takes the reader further into these techniques and introduces Quantum Entrainment Intention and Eufeeling. These are tools to improve relationships and financial difficulties. According to the author, QE Intention is easy and natural and can be done by anyone.

The practices are well introduced and in a chatty, refreshing style that interacts well with the reader, and makes them part of the process itself. The author talks to you all the way through, for example: “What do you have to do to see the complete painting? I’ll tell you: nothing! That’s right, absolutely nothing…. If you find yourself resisting this idea, that is ego tugging at your shirtsleeve. This idea may be hard to believe. Stay with me a little longer on this point, and I will offer you an alternative perspective that is not only helpful but a great relief… We are in this together all the way through, with the author just leading the way”.

The exercises set out in the book are well described and easy to do.  They are natural and bring results BUT, they are also extremely profound and with great depth.  Having carried out some of the work, I need time to assimilate and practice.  It brings relief and yet I feel like I am only scratching the surface – a new technique has been brought to my notice and I am using it, but I am at the start of this journey.  It is so profound it could go anywhere and probably will!

This is the kind of book that is easy to read and easy to put into practice, but months from now you could look back and be amazed at just how far it has taken you. Much of what is there is nothing new, but the way it comes together and what it achieves is overwhelmingly effective and simple. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is fear based and wants to escape the effects of their fearful perspective – this can work well for any of us in no time at all. It does take us to a point of Inner Peace from which to work on the patterns of our lives.

Review by Ros Ogden

Published by Hay House UK Ltd


ISBN: 978-1-84850-483-7

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Produced for Jacqui Meadows of Spiritual SojournsUnicorn Magic

Unicorns bring magic into our lives. Coming from the same realm as the Angels they work on our higher consciousness and remind us of our connection to Source. Unicorns bring playfulness back into our lives, while dispelling the monsters within … those old thought forms that we carry subconsciously as negative programming through fear, and later as we grow up, cynicism about life. The Unicorn Collection invites you to receive very powerful healing especially in times of soul loss or where you have given your power away through difficult emotional situations in your life.

This beautiful collection offers three powerful meditations:

Unicorn Magic is the first guided visualisation. It invites you to explore the magic and alchemy in your life, i.e. what needs transmuting from lead to gold?

The second CD is called Unicorns in the Mist. This instrumental music meditation brings the gentle healing essence of the Unicorns close to you on the earth plane. This CD can be used for humans, horses and especially children in the home – notice the magic in your life when using this CD particularly when in Mother Nature as you connect with her. See the beautiful healing orbs as they bounce into your life.

The third and last of this trio is called Unicorn Enchantment. It’s guided visualisation invites you into the world of the unicorns. The dimension of angels and unicorns brings deep healing and soul retrieval into your life, and dispels all negativity within the aura. This is a powerful CD which takes the listener into an enchanting journey where unicorns live.

I loved receiving these three CD’s. One should take time out to enjoy them as they are an hour long each, parts of which are instrumental. The music is powerful yet relaxing. It is like a story in itself, taking you on a journey. The violin brings inner peace and the piano chords add deep relaxation. Tinkling sounds bring a sense of magic and enchantment. The voice guiding the meditations is pleasant and softly spoken. I did need to wear headphones as the music is a bit loud compared to the spoken meditation. Nonetheless this made the music really seep in helping let go of all that surrounded me and move into a deep alpha state.

I loved the first guided meditation where 12 unicorn guides bring rainbow light to your energy field, after which you are guided into a forest by Merlin himself to meet your Unicorn. After meeting your Unicorn it carries you away on its wings of light! The instrumental CD is lovely to play on the background during healing work and I will use it when doing my readings and making my sculptures. I am sure it will inspire me to make more unicorns. I will leave the third CD as a surprise. Suffice it to say it felt like a deeply healing and balancing CD to me.

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokeel


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The Gaiadon Heart (Module 1A)

Facilitated by: Lindel GrahamGaiadon Heart

The Gaiadon Heart Module 1A is a 4 day seminar based on the Gaiadon Heart Teachings that have been channelled and presented by Saranya Zaveri. The seminar is designed to offer participants spiritual initiation into self- mastery and to activate the light body in preparation for ascension.

I attended the 4 day module with 3 other participants at Lindel’s home in Roehampton. On arrival, I was taken aback by the atmosphere of deep peace and serenity in the seminar room. At the start of the seminar we were each issued a DVD and a 170 page manual, which we were given to keep, as these provide details of the concepts, meditations and spiritual initiations that would be covered during the seminar. The contents of the seminar relate to many of the concepts detailed in “The Keys of Enoch” and “The Melchizidek Method”.

During the seminar Lindel guided us (with the use of the manual and DVD) through many exercises and initiations designed to speed up our vibrations and activate our light body; so that we can embody more light and love, and understand that we are multi-dimensional beings with cells that communicate through the language of light.

As I was not familiar with sacred geometry, the Flower of Life, or “The Keys of Enoch” I found the first day which was used to explain these topics, went very slowly and that the contents seemed rather heavy. However, after we started doing the meditations on day 2, with the help of the visuals and music on the DVD, I found that the remainder of the seminar was very enjoyable and that time sped by really quickly.

While participating in the various meditations and spiritual exercises, I found that I was able to experience a deep sense of inner peace that I had never experienced before, and that I felt that my energy field felt lighter. The combination of the visuals, colours and beautiful music on the DVD helped me reach meditative states more quickly with each successive meditation exercise.

On discussing how the other 3 participants felt after completing the seminar, I learned that they too had experienced states of deep inner peace, and felt that the seminar had considerably enhanced their spiritual development, both in terms of understanding various concepts; and in terms of personal experience. They also praised Lindel’s facilitation skills, as she had paced the course very well, and was very helpful in answering all the questions posed to her.

At a cost of £333, I think the seminar is well worth attending as it offers attendees a very good opportunity to learn to enter deep meditative states in a very short period of time; and to gain knowledge of a wide range of spiritual issues. The DVD and the manual provided to seminar attendees also enables them to repeat the meditations and initiations covered during the seminar, as often as needed, so that further spiritual development can be continued at their own pace.

For details of workshops and further information please contact Lindel Graham at healinglight@lindel.co.uk or visit the website http://www.gaiadonheart.com

Reviewed by: Kamal Boparai

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by J M HarrisonNaked Being

This is a collection of over 400 insights for all seekers of the inner self. It is a fusion of mainstream spirituality, esoteric oneness and non-duality. It is a powerful foundation for positive and lasting life changes. The author gently guides the reader into the experience of present moment awareness (the Now) and then shows you how to go beyond this.

I read this book cover to cover and then found that I wanted needed to revisit sections and reflect deeply upon what was written there. The numbering of the statements makes it easy to dip in and out in this way. The book attempts to deliver answers to the reasons for being and the way to the heart of your true nature and does present spiritual ideals in an accessible form. It is challenging reading however and does need profound reflection to begin to gain understanding of the deeper meanings enclosed in the simple statements within the book e.g. “If you want to see the truth of what you are, then empty your mind and give the stillness that remains your undivided attention.”

Not an easy book, but a very worthwhile one.

Review by Ros Ogden

Published by O Books   www.o-books.com

ISBN: 978-1-84694-303-4


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by Sally TophamFinding the River

Finding the River is a compendium of self help exercises and techniques designed to help a person cope with life’s challenges, find inner peace and feel a comforting sense of connection between oneself and the natural world. This book looks into the many tools and strategies that Energy therapist Sally Topham has used and found effective.

This is the kind of book to have on your bookshelf and dip into when needed – it is a well laid out and explained selection of helpful techniques to overcome a whole range of physical ailments, emotions and energy problems. Each technique is well introduced as to why, when and how to use it and clear instructions are given to put it into practice. What to expect from having done the exercises/techniques/strategies is also clearly outlined. Not the kind of book to read from cover to cover, but one to have to hand to look at when you feel that you need some help to deal with a challenge. You are sure to find something to help you within its covers.

Review by Ros Ogden

Published by Dragon Rising Publishing   www.dragonrising.com

ISBN: 1-873483-16-3

Author’s website: www.energyharmonix.co.uk

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