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by Jude CurrivanHope

This book will resonate with anyone who has read James Redfield’s Celestine series, as Jude goes into fascinating detail about how nations have achieved the generic psyche for which they are famous, that resonates with the Second Insight in particular. Seeing the longer sweep of history and how it has shaped the development of individual and collective consciousness is at the heart of the message of HOPE – for only by understanding the reasons and traumas behind the madness of the world can we HOPE to heal it.

The book ‘investigates how different groups and countries reflect and embody the same themes and issues that we experience on an individual human level. It reveals how the history of different areas of conflict around the world and our collective fear-based behaviours are based on traumas that we have energetically continued to resonate with – and crucially, how to heal and release them.’  It also investigates the cosmic phenomena that have contributed to the development of national attributes; by examining the astrological charts of the birth of those nations, and major world events; as well as looking forward to see what the planets have to show us about current developments and the immediate future for the planet as a whole.  Jude’s message is one of deep and inspiring HOPE, collected through her many journeys as a cosmologist and healer.

As Einstein famously once said, “you cannot heal an issue from the level at which it occurred”. Therefore, we need a larger perspective and higher vision to heal the rifts and traumas that are still being perpetuated all over the globe. Jude’s book attempts to provide us with just that, so that we can further our own journey to wholeness and even, perhaps, help our world, and Gaia herself, on the path to a joyous Shift of Consciousness.

The end of the Mayan calendar is fast approaching, a time when many people believe a major change is coming. As Jude shows in this book, we can all contribute to make that change smoother and more painless for ourselves, our human family, and our beloved planet.

Review by Karen Tucker

Published by Hay House  www.hayhouse.co.uk


ISBN 978-1-84850-383-1


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SHEN – Specific Human Emotional Nexus – takes place on an individual basis, as a retreat or in a group setting. It is a gentle and non-verbal treatment and takes place while the client lies fully clothed in a cradle (a soft canvas table style bed). The therapy works on the principle that memories of distressing events, emotional upsets, etc., remain embedded within the physical body and the practitioner’s hands are used to move and release these memories. Symptoms, such as fear, sadness, guilt, embarrassment, disappointment, lack of confidence and exhaustion can be relieved.
The therapy room was of a perfect temperature and pleasantly decorated. My therapist, Vijay Rana has been a SHEN practitioner for ten years. I sat in a comfortable chair and we talked for a brief time about my expectations, concerns and past troubles and Vijay was caring empathic, accepting, supportive and non-judgemental. I felt very safe with him. I was asked to lie on the cradle, which was very comfortable, and I closed my eyes. I could detect Vijay in the vicinity of my head and could feel the proximity of his hands. I could also feel his level of expertise and concentration on transmitting healing energy. I was immediately aware that all the usual chatter in my mind, drifted away, leaving me feeling very calm. I then felt Vijay’s warm hands being gently placed on areas of my back. This created waves of shivers, similar to the type of sensations I get while listening to a wonderful piece of music. These waves continued, and there was a warmth to them. A blanket was offered if I felt cold but was not needed. After 40 minutes, I felt I wanted to stretch and yawn and I felt energised and well rested so we discontinued the session at this points. Vijay stated that some sensations might continue or emotional material brought to the surface following the session, I was prepared for this but only felt a desire to stretch and yawn more than usual.

More than one hour session is usually required for a therapeutic level to be achieved. I found the therapy comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable. I especially liked that it was non-confrontational and non invasive and nothing is required of me as a client.

Reviewed by Wendy Stokes

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