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by Doreen VirtueArchangel Raphael Healing Cards

This deck comprises of an instruction booklet and 44 cards; each named for an aspect of health and wellbeing. Each card offers a short written prayer and is decorated with a different original full colour painting. Seven artists were commissioned to produce the original illustrations and prints of the paintings can be purchased from the artists’ websites.

Doreen Virtue holds University degrees in counselling psychology and facilitates angel workshops throughout the world. She also writes books about angels and ascended masters. This latest deck is her fourteenth card pack based on working intuitively with angels. It specialises in contacting the Archangel Raphael, whose name means ‘God heals’ or ‘he who heals’ and it concentrates on gaining insight into health issues.

The cards can be used for oneself or for someone else. It is suggested that the enquirer asks a question, shuffles the pack and chooses a card or cards (two simple card spreads are provided for beginners). The booklet is then used to provide more information about the symbolism and meaning of the selection.

The presentation box is high quality, the cards well made and finished on the edges in gold leaf. The caduceus design on the card backs is the ancient staff of Hermes and is an international healing symbol. I enjoyed working with these cards which offer positive thinking and uplifting messages and help awareness of minor health issues.

Review by Wendy Stokes

Published by Hay House   www.hayhouse.co.uk

ISBN: 978-1-4019-2474-4


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Zen Garden CDby Patrick Kelly

Using authentic instrumentation such as Japanese shakuhachi, subtle strings, guitar and percussion, combined with his much acclaimed musical ability, Patrick has created a perfect space for the listener to unwind and escape from the increasingly difficult world in which we live.

Born of his imagination and lovingly crafted into reality Zen Garden also demonstrates perfectly that music can often provide an inspirational aid to healing, meditation and other alternative therapies.

Patrick invites you to join him on his heartfelt journey to the inspiring space that is the calm, peace and tranquillity of the Zen Garden.

I found this CD to be slightly but pleasantly hypnotic as some of the musical phrasing is repetitive and in one place is in the forefront of the piece, and in the next it can be heard gently underpinning the main composition. It induces such a state of calm that all tensions just seem to drift away on a gentle stream of sound. I became so relaxed I lost all sense of time and became part of the music – absolute bliss! A perfect gift – especially for yourself!

Review by Joan Osborne

Published by New World Music Limited  www.newworldmusic.com

ISBN: 1-84660-44—0

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by Anthony MilesTranquil Healing CD

This CD has two tracks designed to help your body and mind to relax after a busy day. The stresses of everyday life can cause both physical and emotional imbalance and this CD will help reverse the process. Allow yourself to release all the chaos of your life and refresh, renew and restore yourself. As healing comes from within it is not a question of miracle work or divine guidance, but simply the body’s desire to be healed. We all need a tranquil healing place to go to heal ourselves by relaxing back to health and wellbeing.

It is essential we take time daily to withdraw from our hectic surroundings, to nurture mind, body and spirit with quiet moments of rest and relaxation. The soothing music partnered with a loving commitment to your own self-care is the perfect prescription to help counter the negative effects of the stress and fatigue we experience as the result of our increasingly fast paced lives.

The music on this CD would be ideal as an accompaniment to that relaxing massage so that all the senses are calmed and rejuvenated. The two tracks are entitled ‘Restore and Heal’ and ‘Soothe and Compose’ – and they do exactly that. Lilting melodies lift you up to float gently on a peaceful journey of sound. Sit and listen to it at the end of the working day or whenever you feel the need, and find that centre of serene and gentle peace restored within you.

Review by Joan Osborne. Published by New World Music Limited www.newworldmusic.com ISBN: 1-84660-443-5

Available in our Book Store – Click Here

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Carolyn Williams is a gifted healer and channel and an experienced teacher of Angelic Reiki and the Gaiadon Heart Keys of Ascension system. Trained by Edwin Courtenay, she is one of the first teachers of Module 1 of the Inspiration system and facilitates the awakenment of people’s Atlantean memories and energies. Unlike other systems, this 2 day course acts as a foundation for any of the other twelve voluntary modules – and you can choose which of the others interests you most. Module 1 also awakens Atlantean healing energy connections within you, linking you to the Temple of Peace.

The group for the workshop I attended was small (four in number) so that each participant gains the maximum benefit. Carolyn first introduced us to the Inspiration system which has been channelled by Edwin Courtenay to help awaken Atlantean memories and dormant Atlantean DNA. We received our own extensive manual containing many details of the system (which is overseen by the Cosmic Ascended Master Solomon, the Ascended Masters St Germaine and Hilarion, and the angels of Atlantis) and the Atlantean power symbols. Carolyn also presented each of us with a crystal contained in its own coloured pouch, and explained why this particular stone had been chosen. She also gave each person details (previously channelled by Edwin) of the energetic devices which had been affecting us and the assurance that these would be removed in the first day.

Following the introduction, the first day was filled with profound and moving meditative journeys and awakenments, interspersed with precious nuggets of information. Each journey brought something new and amazing and the presence of powerful energies was palpable, particularly in the meditation where the ancient energy attachments were removed. Carolyn guides you through each day easily and safely, and there is a constant feeling of love and serenity. She also makes sure there are set breaks to allow re-grounding and centring – a truly gifted and caring teacher.

The second day was devoted to Healing Awakenments and we were led through a meditation/journey to meet our own Healing Angel – a most powerful and empowering experience. Time was given to studying the various symbols and their meanings, and experiencing the healing both as a client and a healer – working directly with our Healing Angel. At the close of the day, Carolyn channelled a message for the group from the Cosmic Ascended Master Solomon – another wonderful experience.

There is so much more I could say about this amazing workshop, but words alone cannot do it justice – it just has to be experienced. If you are interested in adding another dimension to your Reiki practice, or bringing new awareness and purpose into your life, this is the workshop for you.

Review by Joan Osbourne

For further information on the system, contact Carolyn direct on 020 8540 830 or visit www.thereikiofatlantis.co.uk or www.carolynwilliams.info

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by Ross HeavenThe Sin-Eater's Last Confessions

Ross Heaven is well-known as a psychologist, presenter and author, as well as the director of the Four Gates Foundation. He has studied shamanism in many different cultures over the last 20 years and more. But what gets a person started on such a path? This small volume contains the answer to this question and it is both startling and illuminating.

At the tender age of eight, Ross moved with his family to a small village in rural Herefordshire and here began the relationship that would start Ross on his most unusual life path. Adam lived in a small house at the very edge of the village, shunned by and yet essential to the more traditional members of the community. The Sin-Eater’s role is a fascinating one, and the young Ross was introduced only slowly and by degrees to the full details of Adam’s dying profession. Indeed, dying is a major part of the way in which Adam served the villagers – the main responsibility of the Sin-Eater was to remove all the negative energy a person might have accumulated in their lifetime, so that their soul might be weighed in the balance and not found wanting. Adam was also a healer, using methods that would resonate with many in the shamanic tradition today; as a disposer of the unwanted, however, he was treated as unclean and undesirable except when his services were required.

The book contains both his poignant memories of an amazing man and many fascinating insights into a British (and most especially Welsh) tradition that has long been forgotten in most parts of the island – although it may have been exported to the Appalachians by migrating Welsh families many years ago. It also provides an insight into the boyhood experiences that began the long journey that Ross Heaven has taken to become the respected authority on shamanistic practices that he is today.

Review by Karen Tucker

Published by Llewellyn  www.llewellyn.com

ISBN number: 978-0-7387-1356-4


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by Patty HarpenauThe Life Codes

The first thing that struck me about this book, before I even read it, is how beautiful it is. Stunningly presented in hardback, it is filled with amazing photography, artwork and thoughtfully laid out text. Drawing on wisdom from three major belief systems – Islam, Judaism and Christianity – the author describes a young woman’s experiences in Jerusalem following the death of her father where she learns fundamental truths about the nature of love, healing and abundance. The book is designed to be read in seven stages, whether over the course of a week or in longer stages.

Definitely a book to be savoured – it takes time and attention to take in the depth of the teaching, but it is well worth it. This is a wonderful book to work with, highly recommended.

Review by Willow Thomas

Published by Bantam Press  www.thelifecodes.co.uk

ISBN 978-0-59306-467-2


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by Caroline MyssDefy Gravity

This is a groundbreaking new book from Caroline Myss that will challenge some well-established beliefs about healing. We have long been taught that to understand that which needs to be healed, we must explore the reasons why it has happened in the first place. Caroline turns all that on its head and suggests that this approach – asking “why?” – will actually impede healing and that we cannot actually reason with these events. Instead she presents five new truths:
– that we cannot reason with illness or God
– that healing comes through connecting with our purpose
– that we must have the courage to face our crises
– that we must rely on the power of our grace
– and that we must learn to think in a more mystical way.

I absolutely loved this book and it reflected many of the thoughts that I’d been having recently. Yes, it will challenge some or many of your beliefs and ideas, but it will free you up to deal with crises in a more constructive way. Highly recommended.

Review by Willow Thomas

Published by Hay House  www.hayhouse.co.uk  ISBN 978-1-4019-2290-0


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