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by Silvia HartmannThe Golden Horse

This book contains 16 ‘new, enchanting tales of mystery and imagination for the magical child, created by master story teller Silvia Hartmann for magical children aged 9-99’. The aim is to ‘enlighten, inspire and foster curiosity and delight in exploration’.

These stories are short, magical, quirky and full of hope and happiness. They would be suitable for children of all ages, as stated on the cover, and would be especially helpful for those seekers after spiritual and personal growth who have been ground down by the world and need a little uplifting. A collection of tales to make you smile, whatever your age or background.

Reviewed by Karen Tucker


Published by Dragon Rising Publishing UK  www.dragonrising.com

ISBN: 978187348397-8


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by Caroline MyssDefy Gravity

This is a groundbreaking new book from Caroline Myss that will challenge some well-established beliefs about healing. We have long been taught that to understand that which needs to be healed, we must explore the reasons why it has happened in the first place. Caroline turns all that on its head and suggests that this approach – asking “why?” – will actually impede healing and that we cannot actually reason with these events. Instead she presents five new truths:
– that we cannot reason with illness or God
– that healing comes through connecting with our purpose
– that we must have the courage to face our crises
– that we must rely on the power of our grace
– and that we must learn to think in a more mystical way.

I absolutely loved this book and it reflected many of the thoughts that I’d been having recently. Yes, it will challenge some or many of your beliefs and ideas, but it will free you up to deal with crises in a more constructive way. Highly recommended.

Review by Willow Thomas

Published by Hay House  www.hayhouse.co.uk  ISBN 978-1-4019-2290-0


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by Dr John F. DemartiniCount Your Blessings

This book is transformational, and I don’t say this lightly as I’ve been a fan of John F Demartini for several years (seeing him in Conscious Cinema talks). John’s book is a beautifully crafted balance of ancient wisdom, real life stories and practical processes on how to align with Gratitude and Love.

I run a Gratitude Group in Sussex so thought this would be an ideal book to learn from and I was not disappointed! John’s work is well researched – he has studied hundreds of modalities over a 30 year period. This is paired with a generous dose of unconditional love and empathy, John truly wants to guide the reader to feel gratitude for everything and everyone in your life. Is this achievable? With some effort, yes! I examined so many areas of my own life and realised with some big revelations, both painful and amazing -that by shifting perceptions, taking responsibility and choosing to feel love and gratitude in my heart (not head) how rewarding this process can be.

This is a brilliant, heart opening process – highly recommended if you want to heal the past and create a happy, healthy and abundant life.

Review by Ann O’keife

Published by Hay House  www.hayhouse.co.uk ISBN: 978-1-84850-124-9


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by Tsultrim AllioneFeeding Your Demons

Are you struggling with any of the following: depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, a difficult relationship, fear, self-hatred, addiction or anger? Renowned Buddhist leader Tsultrim Allione explains that the harder we fight our demons, the stronger they become. So, if we want to liberate ourselves from the fight for once and for all, we must reverse our approach and nurture our demons. This powerful five-step practice forms a strategy for transforming negative emotions, relationships, fears, illnesses and self-defeating patterns to help you cope with the inner enemies that undermine your best intentions. By recognising your demons, giving them form and feeding them, you can free yourself from the battle. Enriched with detailed examples to show how others have transformed their demons, Feeding your Demons will give you remarkable new insight into the forces that threaten to defeat you, along with the tools to achieve inner peace.

When I first heard about Feeding your Demons, I did not feel inclined to read or buy it. After all, as a Lightworker, I would rather read about Angels, Masters and Beings of Light. But when my mother went to a workshop by Tsultrim about working with inner demons, I was amazed by the transformation in her, so I started reading the book. I realised it really is a wonderful book to read and truly inspirational. As a therapist I so very often see people fighting against their problems, fighting against their fears, all the while increasing the problem by doing so. What you resist persists. Instead of fighting your inner demons, this book teaches you an ancient Buddhist practice to embrace your inner demons and by doing so transform them into protectors and allies.

This book is a must-read, but more importantly a must-try, because the real power in this book is not in the reading, but in practising feeding your own inner demons.

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel

Published by Hay House  http://www.hayhouse.co.uk/  ISBN: 1848501730 www.kapalatraining.com

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Soul Angelsby Jenny Smedley

Do you ever wonder if you might have had a past life, and how it might affect you today? Do you ever dream that your connections to angels might be even closer than you thought?

This book brings these two concepts together in a dramatic revelation that will forever change the way you see yourself. Take a journey with Jenny Smedley as she explores and explains past lives and how they contribute to problems you might have today.

Discover the real you, and be prepared to be surprised and amazed at the wondrous being you’ll find. Soul Angels delves into angelic realms that you never dreamed existed, and shows you the path to true inner happiness.

This book is well written and reads like a wonderful novel. It takes you on a journey showing how past lives affect people’s current problems. It tells us that we do not only have guardian angels but also a Soul Angel that watches over all our incarnations and helps us keep on our true life’s path. The amazing news is that we are in truth a part of this Soul Angel, a little fraction of it that was sent to earth to learn, grow and experience. Thus, we are in truth of angelic origin. What a wonderful thought!

In this book all current problems are linked to past life trauma’s and the answer to this is to find a regression therapist to work through these past life issues. Though I find it an intriguing idea, I do wonder if there are not other ways to go about this without being dependant on an external.

All in all, a book well worth reading.

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel

Published by Hay House www.hayhouse.co.uk  ISBN: 978-1-84850-162-1


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by Sandra Anne Taylor

I found this a very useful and practical book. Although it is perhaps a little too weighted towards using the Law of Attraction for material purposes, it is nevertheless an excellent guide to have on the spiritual path as well and the exercises apply to all areas of life. The book is clearly written and I liked the way the content is broken down into a kind of countdown to success – seven universal laws, six personal powers, five magnetic energies, four steps, three unseen assistants (the most overtly spiritual section), two obstacles and cuminating with the one path to success.

Sandra Anne Taylor writes with such clarity and enthusiasm that the reader can easily learn to picture what they want to achieve, understand why they may not have succeeded in the past, and take concrete steps to make their vision a reality. An excellent guide to harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction.

Review by Willow Thomas

Published by Hay House  www.hayhouse.co.uk  ISBN 978-1-84850-113-3


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