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by Bradley Kyle

Herbie and the Tune

Herbie and the Tune

Set in a heavenly airport, this lovely allegory finds Herbie preparing for his flight to earth. What follows is a wonderful discovery that the tune (pure joy) can still be heard in the physical world. With thanks to the gentle guidance of the pilot, Herbie learns how to listen out for the tune.

This is one of a series of books aimed specifically at children from ages 3 to 11, with Herbie and the Tune recommended for the ages 4 to 9. In clear print, with beautiful illustrations by Gabriel Evans, it is an easy to understand explanation of incarnation, but also of how to hear the Tune of pure joy even when on earth. An activity section at the back includes a ‘Share With Me’ page which can be used to involve a child even more in the story, such as what would they ask the pilot before visiting earth, and what do they imagine the Tune sounds like. There is even a simple ‘Spot the Difference’ exercise and an illustration which can be copied and coloured in.

This book ticks the boxes in so many ways, and I am sure others in the series do too. As the publishers say, “Each Pick-a-Woo Children’s Book is designed to: Embrace Love, Touch the Heart, Kindle the Spirit and Enlighten the Mind”. Their series of books lovingly explore stories of angels, spirits, love, meditation, emotion, feelings, souls, chakras, auras, crystals, prayer, fairies, healing, listening, universal laws and more so there can be no area which is left untouched!

Review by Joan Osborne

Published by Pick-a-Woo Woo Publishers


ISBN: 978-1-921883026


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by R Ogilvie CrombieThe Gentleman & the Faun

The sub-title of this book is ‘Encounters with Pan and the Elemental Kingdom’. Robert Ogilvie Crombie, known to his friends simply as Roc, was an extraordinarily gentle man who was groomed for much of his life for his meetings with Pan and the nature spirits. As the back cover says, ‘through his experiences Roc becomes closely involved with the Findhorn Community in northeast Scotland where he meets further elementals who give him sound advice as to how the gardens should be cared for in order to work in harmony with nature’.

Roc was a retiring character who did not talk about himself much. Most of the material in this book comes from lectures and papers given in person to conference delegates or written mainly for the workers of the now-famous Findhorn Community, although Roc never seems to have actually lived there himself. There are a few interpolations of personal accounts from his friends, but even they confess that they knew little about him beyond what he revealed as a necessary part of his work with them. What he does reveal is sufficient to set the genuine seeker on their own path to potentially encountering the magical beings he worked with, but he makes it abundantly clear that they are not ‘cutesy’ little fairies, but extremely powerful beings, and only those who are ready for the contact, and desire it for the right reasons (curiosity is NOT enough!) can and will be granted visual contact with them.

However, if you who desire to work more closely with the nature kingdom, do not despair – it is more than possible to ask for help with, say a gardening project, without having to ‘see’ the beings with whom one is working co-operatively. Just thinking about a nature spirit will initiate contact of a useful kind. The publisher rightly claims that ‘this book will enable the reader to learn how to work in harmony with the elementals and perhaps, just perhaps, to actually meet these enchanting beings, the guardians of nature.’

Enthralling, informative, delightful and just a little scary at times, this lovely little book will thrill and delight anyone with an interest in elemental and nature beings, or who simply wants to encounter an amazing, gifted, wizardly ‘walker between the worlds’.

Review by Karen Tucker

Published by Findhorn Press   www.findhornpress.com

ISBN number: 978-1-84409-179-9

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This is a compilation of music that describes the world’s growing cultural awareness that is emerging in the environs of the legendary Glastonbury Tor-Mount Zion-the Grail Castle. The music is a fusion of both indigenous and planetary styles with sympathetic use of modern harmonic technology, which has been gifted to humanity’s musical community for this very purpose. The result is a perfect accompaniment for your own personal quest to Avalon and Middle Earth, full to the brim with beautiful, spiritually charged acoustic and electronic, chilled, ambient and world music. Ideal for dance, healing and meditation – the music of the North, South, East and West meeting in the Heart Grail of Avalon.

There are many books around at this time with many varying views and channellings of the new to come, but to find a wonderful CD like this, that you can listen to, absorb within you and fill your own Holy Grail with, is just a truly magical experience. If I could voice how deep this music goes it still would not do justice to the expertise and connections that these musicians have to all that is, and how they transcend the timeline of me as I listen to every tone.

Review by Juliana Glanfield

Released by Changing World UK Cat no: AVALONCD 01CD www.changingworld.co.uk

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by Rae Beth

The Green Hedge Witch

This book is a must for anyone serious about Nature and Nature Spirits. From complete novice to practising witch there is something for everyone.

Rae expertly guides through spells to help you connect with trees and the Fairy/Elf kingdom, successfully inspiring you to  immediately go out into nature and trying for yourself her easy step by step guide.

This book is both informative and practical, the perfect choice for connecting to nature and all her secrets.

Review by Sandra Roberts
Published by Robert Hale  ISBN: 978-0-7090-8585-0  www.halebooks.com   www.raebeth.com

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