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Produced for Jacqui Meadows of Spiritual SojournsUnicorn Magic

Unicorns bring magic into our lives. Coming from the same realm as the Angels they work on our higher consciousness and remind us of our connection to Source. Unicorns bring playfulness back into our lives, while dispelling the monsters within … those old thought forms that we carry subconsciously as negative programming through fear, and later as we grow up, cynicism about life. The Unicorn Collection invites you to receive very powerful healing especially in times of soul loss or where you have given your power away through difficult emotional situations in your life.

This beautiful collection offers three powerful meditations:

Unicorn Magic is the first guided visualisation. It invites you to explore the magic and alchemy in your life, i.e. what needs transmuting from lead to gold?

The second CD is called Unicorns in the Mist. This instrumental music meditation brings the gentle healing essence of the Unicorns close to you on the earth plane. This CD can be used for humans, horses and especially children in the home – notice the magic in your life when using this CD particularly when in Mother Nature as you connect with her. See the beautiful healing orbs as they bounce into your life.

The third and last of this trio is called Unicorn Enchantment. It’s guided visualisation invites you into the world of the unicorns. The dimension of angels and unicorns brings deep healing and soul retrieval into your life, and dispels all negativity within the aura. This is a powerful CD which takes the listener into an enchanting journey where unicorns live.

I loved receiving these three CD’s. One should take time out to enjoy them as they are an hour long each, parts of which are instrumental. The music is powerful yet relaxing. It is like a story in itself, taking you on a journey. The violin brings inner peace and the piano chords add deep relaxation. Tinkling sounds bring a sense of magic and enchantment. The voice guiding the meditations is pleasant and softly spoken. I did need to wear headphones as the music is a bit loud compared to the spoken meditation. Nonetheless this made the music really seep in helping let go of all that surrounded me and move into a deep alpha state.

I loved the first guided meditation where 12 unicorn guides bring rainbow light to your energy field, after which you are guided into a forest by Merlin himself to meet your Unicorn. After meeting your Unicorn it carries you away on its wings of light! The instrumental CD is lovely to play on the background during healing work and I will use it when doing my readings and making my sculptures. I am sure it will inspire me to make more unicorns. I will leave the third CD as a surprise. Suffice it to say it felt like a deeply healing and balancing CD to me.

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokeel



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by Alison Chester-LambertAstrology Reading Cards

Illustrated by Richard Crookes

These cards seem to hold an energy of enchantment which somehow expands as they get to know you?  When I received these cards I opened them and felt a magical energy, almost as if they have been infused with some of the stardust of which they speak. Yes, I know that sounds a bit weird; but aren’t these weird times? Are we not opening up to magical moments from all sorts of unexpected places? Just to be sure that it’s not just me being ever so slightly O.T.T.   I passed them around a few friends who, I can assure you, are all level headed and grounded (well, most of the time). They loved that they are visually stunning, and that they are easy to use, and most of all that they are a personal reading, with cards that are chosen from your own intuitive self. And, spookily, they each remarked on the magic, the “bit that defies description” as one of them put it. Hmmm not just me then… Phew!

Today however, I met a friend who is a wonderfully gifted tarot reader/teacher and author.  As I handed her the cards, she immediately recognised their powerful energy. Even more WOW … proof positive that the ‘gut feeling’ that we had all experienced was accurate! Choosing the cards she tuned in to their archetypes to give the reading, adding later that the accompanying booklet is an excellent way for beginners to learn the fundamentals of astrology.

But it doesn’t stop there, I have been using these cards now for a couple of weeks, and they really do seem to connect with you, opening up your own intuitive abilities each time you ask for their guidance.   How brilliant is that !!

In creating these cards Alison Chester-Lambert shares her passion for astrology and the cosmos; and in doing so, also shares the magic that happens when we glimpse the bigger picture and see that we have always been guided by the stars. Perhaps they think it is time for us to shine too.

Review by Sandra Marrison

Published by Findhorn Press



ISBN 978-1-84409-581-0

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