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by  Cathelijne FilippoDragon Oracle

Dragons are known to some as archetypes and to others as divine angelic beings carrying cosmic fire.

These cards will help you attune to the archetypes and wisdom of the dragons and to the wisdom within yourself.

Thirty-three cards with different dragons will give you insight into the qualities within yourself that you can further develop. They aim to support you on your spiritual path and help you work towards empowerment, wellbeing and healing. These solution focused spiritual cards will help you deal with life’s challenges in a positive way.

When I received these cards, I felt a gentle energy surround me – the soft muted colours of the box bring an immediate but subtle response. Dipping into the cards was a revelation. The illustrations are deceptively simple and the message on each card means they can be used in a number of ways; from the layouts described in the accompanying booklet, or to just drawing one when the need arises. The booklet also provides further information and a declaration for each card which can be used as an affirmation.

The first time I introduced these to friends, the response was overwhelmingly positive and they are likely to be placing their own orders very soon! I am looking forward to working with these cards more and more.

Review by Joan Osborne

Published by Angel Light Heart Press  www.angellightheart.com


ISBN: 978-90-819364-1-5


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