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By White Elk Woman and L GuesciniShadowLight Cards

This is a deck of 52 square cards, comprising 40 ShadowLight cards and 12 ‘Unity’ cards. Each card has on one side a Crystal Skull, set into an encircled Flower of Life against a background of one of five different colours (Red, Gold, Green, Violet and Magenta). The other side is numbered, and has, in the case of the ShadowLight cards, two words – one ‘Shadow’ word eg Victim, and one ‘Light’ word, eg Empower. The Unity cards show the same word, eg Protection, twice, in both Shadow and Light. All the cards have a Crystal Skull, set against a black background for the ShadowLight cards, and a white background for the Unity cards.

The cards are contained in an attractive little box with a snap-shut lid. Also included is a guide booklet explaining the concept and symbology of the cards, the Shadow self, Crystal Skulls, and uses of the cards – asking questions, creating mantras and affirmations.

 I have never previously felt drawn to working with Crystal Skulls; however, I was aware of White Elk Woman as an acknowledged expert on them and as a wonderful teacher and healer. So it was with an open and positive mind that I opened the pack and used the cards. The suggested methods of use are simple – either shuffle the deck and let one or two cards fall out, or spread the cards out with the lovely Flower of Life and Crystal Skull image face up and choose the card/s which ‘call’ to you. Focus on a relevant issue or question.

The results were, for me, both enlightening and thought-provoking. Two cards, each showing a Shadow and a Light concept, answered, in a very simple yet profound way, my question (one of the suggested questions: What Shadow have I brought with me from my childhood?)

I kept the ShadowLight Cards on my bedside table overnight; the dream which I can remember was, I feel, an important one for my learning. It featured a past relationship, and also building new dwellings on an ancient site.

The concept of the Shadow Self features in Jungian psychology, and as a psychotherapist I have often found it an important concept for clients to work with: ‘Who is that scary person who keeps appearing in my dreams?……..Oh, it’s my (Shadow) self !’ The Shadow is not to be spurned, but accepted and loved. These cards can, I think, assist in this process of self-understanding, acceptance and love and also open up paths to spiritual dimensions.

As the publishers, on their website, write of these cards: ‘Work with your shadows to help resolve deep issues which are holding you back.’

Published by Mystic Mouse Publishing


Reviewed by Annie Prosser


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A Weekend workshop with Dr Seija Nurmi, 17-18 April 2010 at the Kosmon Sanctuary, Walton-on-the-Hill, SurreyDr Seija Nurmi

Dr Seija Nurmi is a well-known teacher in her native Finland, where she has published the book Unconditional Love – A Guidebook.  It is awaiting publication in English, together with her next book The Light of the Ancients, both of which should become best-sellers.  She has also contributed to the collection entitled The Modern-Day Alchemist.

I was excited at the unique opportunity to attend the first workshop given by Seija in Britain as, from the details on the website, it offered a way to kick my spiritual growth back into action.  It did not disappoint.

The two days were packed with powerful activations and meditations, which started by calling in the energies of high-frequency beings, including Ascended Masters, Archangels and the Crystal Skull Conclave, while creating a light temple and sacred space in the room.  This was followed by chanting and calling in the silver-violet flame.

Seija began by summarising the explanation in the accompanying extensive manual of the connection between the Christ consciousness and Egypt, discussing the Neters (Egyptian pantheon) and Akhenaten’s role in bringing the country back to one God.  After short items on the 7 Principles of Thoth and the Flower of Life, we did a powerful meditation to activate our Love Merkabah by harmonising and activating the 13 chakras, followed by activation of our 13-strand DNA and cosmic meridians.

On the second day, we connected with the crystal skull conclave; several people had brought crystal skulls, so there were plenty to borrow.  A wonderful meeting with whales and dolphins, and information about their purpose on Earth followed, and we then used Hekau chants (Hekau is one of the higher languages from Atlantis) to create a powerful healing experience and activate our Higher Light Body, and there was a message from the Crystal Skull Conclave.  We anchored the energies of ancient Egyptian monuments into our bodies, danced our masculine and feminine sides into harmony (blindfold!), and the day finished with an impromptu message from Master Hilarion.

Seija has a great way of easing you into meditation, and the pauses at the end to ‘enjoy your journey’ were wonderful.  My best moment in these journeys was when I finally learnt to get out of my own way; or was it when Lord Sananda promised to carry me for a while?

I can’t really do justice to this life-changing weekend; suffice to say that everyone took away with them a profound sense of change as well as tools to continue the work, and several have since experienced significant evolutionary change.  I still re-activate my Higher Love Merkabah nightly.  It’s a great way to get into calm waters before lying down to sleep.

I can’t recommend this course highly enough for any seekers ready for some profound work.  One participant found it quite overwhelming, and there were several emotional moments, but given the chance, I would attend again.  The meditations will be available on CD shortly, and I will definitely buy and use them to maintain and deepen the work from the course.

“This is the most amazing experience of my life, two days that will last with me forever.  I will recommend this experience to anyone!” Jim, another participant.

Review by Karen Tucker. Workshop info at www.galacticlight.com

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