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by Neale Donald WalschWhen Everything Changes

I was looking forward to Neale Donald Walsch’s latest book as I have read other books of his with enjoyment.

Neale offers nine changes that can change everything and the book is divided into two parts. The first deals with the physical aspects of how we experience change, while the second deals with the metaphysical aspects.  In other words, the first looks at how the mind works, then how the soul works.

In essence, in a time of turmoil, there is always pathway to peace. It’s all about our perception of life and how we relate to it, and also our efforts to awaken to the changes and choices that we make each and every day.

I found it a most interesting read and you don’t have to be experiencing change to get something from it. You are given clues and guidance on how your mind works and how the Soul observes how we deal with our life – by combining the two we will find the inner silence and peace that we are all looking for.

Review by Sally Tyler

Published by Hodder   www.hodder.co.uk ISBN – 978-1-444-70550-8


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