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This is a compilation of music that describes the world’s growing cultural awareness that is emerging in the environs of the legendary Glastonbury Tor-Mount Zion-the Grail Castle. The music is a fusion of both indigenous and planetary styles with sympathetic use of modern harmonic technology, which has been gifted to humanity’s musical community for this very purpose. The result is a perfect accompaniment for your own personal quest to Avalon and Middle Earth, full to the brim with beautiful, spiritually charged acoustic and electronic, chilled, ambient and world music. Ideal for dance, healing and meditation – the music of the North, South, East and West meeting in the Heart Grail of Avalon.

There are many books around at this time with many varying views and channellings of the new to come, but to find a wonderful CD like this, that you can listen to, absorb within you and fill your own Holy Grail with, is just a truly magical experience. If I could voice how deep this music goes it still would not do justice to the expertise and connections that these musicians have to all that is, and how they transcend the timeline of me as I listen to every tone.

Review by Juliana Glanfield

Released by Changing World UK Cat no: AVALONCD 01CD www.changingworld.co.uk

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