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Tears from the Moonby Wychazel

I love this album!  I’ve heard Wychazel’s music on http://www.myspiritradio.com, and liked it, but it’s even better listened to while sitting in comfort on my own sofa (I listen to the radio at work).  The cover describes it as having been ‘inspired by the ancient healing paths of Shamanic Soul Retrieval’, and although I have not yet attempted to retrieve pieces of my own soul to the sound of this album, I can believe that it would facilitate the journey.  Natural sounds are combined with a low drum beat and other gentle percussion sounds, as well as soft guitar, keyboard and mandolin to create ‘evocative auditory landscapes’.  The stated aim is to help you ‘journey alongside Wychazel on a quest for personal soul retrieval and so absorb the positive energy and sense of hope to instil and encourage you, the listener, to begin your own holistic healing journey’.  The six tracks of this beautiful and peaceful album certainly help you to find still waters amid the turbulence of modern life.  It is atmospheric in the best sense of the word, using the sounds of wind and rain and birdsong to combine nature’s melodies with gentle music, creating a harmonious album that, while never becoming same-ish, hangs together extremely well.

Review by Karen Tucker. Published by New World Music Ltd. www.newworldmusic.com

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