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by Cheryl Yambrach RoseArt Through The Eyes of the Soul

This oracle deck is a vehicle of great power through which you may access the Mythic beings and Divine entities that inhabit sacred sites and spaces. Deep insights and profound answers are hidden within the paintings.

If you ask, they will provide personal intuitive guidance for you as well as a deep insight and profound answers. Meditating on a card image connects you into the energy field of the location where the painting was conceived. You become the Weaver of your own fate by tuning into your higher self and allowing that spontaneous connection to answer your question or suggest advice. No intermediary need be involved, and your own self-empowerment will result. The box contains 52 gilded cards of original oil paintings with a 1112 page guidebook.

I was very excited to receive these beautiful, artistically made cards. The set is very Magical, and connects one deeply to the sacred sites and the magical part of one’s inner being. I absolutely loved the connection to sacred places that I hold dear to my heart such as the Glastonbury Tor, the Chalice Well and the Fairy Glen in Wales. Various influences can be found in the cards, such as sacred sites from all over the world, goddesses, divine beings and angels.

When picking a card for the readers of Paradigm Shift, I received “Anastacia and the Rising Cedars of Russia” and the card was titled Plant the Seed of a New Template.

This card shows is it is no longer an obligation to follow the dictates of society. It is time to go against the grain. Everything we need to succeed is within us.

This set is a must have for all those who love the old myths, sacred spaces and enjoy mystical art!

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokeel

Published by Rosehall LLC



ISBN: 978-0-9825897-0-0


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by John-roger & Paul KayeLiving Spiritual Principles

Health is one of the most important subjects of our time. More important than how much money a person has, health is literally wealth. In this fifth book by authors John-Roger and Paul Kaye they view health and well-being from the inside out breaking the process down into simple principles that anyone can practice at no cost. They look at health from a holistic, multidimensional perspective.

This perspective offers approaches that engage not only our physical body but also the imaginative, emotional, mental, unconscious, and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

Living the spiritual principles of health and well-being is filled with practical wisdom that expands our awareness beyond the usual way of considering health. It delivers a multitude of cost-free and under-utilised resources that not only support improving and maintaining our health and well-being, but also taking responsibility for the long term direction of our health.

It consists of 3 key aspects to health that can be readily applied, a brief 5-point plan of health, 8 spiritual principles of health and well-being as well as a 30-day health plan.

I found this a most encouraging and inspiring book. Before starting to read it, I had expected this book would not teach me many new things as I have already read many books on health. Even though quite a few things in the book are not new to me, the way it is all brought together brings a great sense of wisdom. From nutrition to spiritual practice this book is truly holistic! And what is more, it is a book devoid of criticism.

Often self-help books about the responsibility for our own health can leave a sick person feeling blamed and ashamed. Yet this book brings only hope, understanding, insight, great tools and the most important message of all: love heals.

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel

Published by Mandeville Press



ISBN:  978-1-935492-07-8

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by Alison Chester-LambertAstrology Reading Cards

Illustrated by Richard Crookes

These cards seem to hold an energy of enchantment which somehow expands as they get to know you?  When I received these cards I opened them and felt a magical energy, almost as if they have been infused with some of the stardust of which they speak. Yes, I know that sounds a bit weird; but aren’t these weird times? Are we not opening up to magical moments from all sorts of unexpected places? Just to be sure that it’s not just me being ever so slightly O.T.T.   I passed them around a few friends who, I can assure you, are all level headed and grounded (well, most of the time). They loved that they are visually stunning, and that they are easy to use, and most of all that they are a personal reading, with cards that are chosen from your own intuitive self. And, spookily, they each remarked on the magic, the “bit that defies description” as one of them put it. Hmmm not just me then… Phew!

Today however, I met a friend who is a wonderfully gifted tarot reader/teacher and author.  As I handed her the cards, she immediately recognised their powerful energy. Even more WOW … proof positive that the ‘gut feeling’ that we had all experienced was accurate! Choosing the cards she tuned in to their archetypes to give the reading, adding later that the accompanying booklet is an excellent way for beginners to learn the fundamentals of astrology.

But it doesn’t stop there, I have been using these cards now for a couple of weeks, and they really do seem to connect with you, opening up your own intuitive abilities each time you ask for their guidance.   How brilliant is that !!

In creating these cards Alison Chester-Lambert shares her passion for astrology and the cosmos; and in doing so, also shares the magic that happens when we glimpse the bigger picture and see that we have always been guided by the stars. Perhaps they think it is time for us to shine too.

Review by Sandra Marrison

Published by Findhorn Press



ISBN 978-1-84409-581-0

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by Adrian HollandInspirations

The Angel Intuition Deck is very positive and designed for use as both an Angel Healing deck and Tarot Deck. Although it is not directly connected to the major and minor arcana, it does comprise of 78 cards. These cards can be used to give a reading and can be placed in any of the suggested formations, which are the Single Card, the Three-Card Draw or the Celtic Cross.

The author is a Reiki Master and Colour Therapist and has dedicated his life to helping others. All of his artwork is channelled and brings a very positive message of hope and healing. His work is born from love, created in love and given in love.

I was thrilled to receive these cards to review. They come in a small, blue gift box with golden lettering. There are a few cards explaining the deck and how to use the cards and interpret the colours.

The cards are absolutely wonderful to look at and they resonate deeply within me. As an angel artist I truly appreciate the use of colours and shapes on these cards.

This is one of those decks where the cards really need to be looked at and meditated on to have their message come forward. When you use them in a reading you are encouraged to combine the key word with the meanings of the colours of the angel cards.

I have decided to do a three-card draw for all the readers of Paradigm Shift so you can look at them and have them speak to you! The three cards represent past, present and future.

To me this spread signifies that now is the time to reflect upon lessons from the past. Light Workers are encouraged to support each other and ask the angels for support in order to go into the future with an open heart filled with belief!

The author also provides a separate booklet to accompany the deck. It is called Inspirational Angels and is part autobiography and part help guide for using the card deck. It takes you through how Adrian was inspired to create the angels bringing messages of hope and positive thinking, together with affirmations and colour meanings. It was lovely to read about his journey and the meanings of the cards are very helpful. 

I would highly recommend surfing the website and enjoying the beautifully, inspired Angelic Art.

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel

Published by Amazola Publishing



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by Philip PermuttThe Crystal Tarot
Illustrated by Emma Garner

This colourful pack of Tarot cards and accompanying small book will be of interest to the beginner or the experienced Tarot Reader.  The cards themselves were created by Emma Garner, the illustrator.  The book, and the box, are filled with her colour illustrations and add a great deal to the total package.

As the name suggests, each card has a crystal associated with it, and the book gives information about the crystals as well as the cards.  Each card also has a chakra linked to it, so within a reading one can gain from the meaning of the card, the supporting crystal information, or a prompt, that one or more chakras may be out of balance.

The Major Arcana images did not particularly resonate with me, but I love the designs of the Minor Arcana.  The elements of the suits (earth, air, fire, water) are prominent in each image, with the swords floating among the clouds and the pentacles flanked by strong, earth-rooted plants.  The designs show simply a number of cups, wands etc, rather than a pictorial image, but beginners will be helped by the detailed interpretation within the book.

The book also gives suggested layouts, and interesting keywords for the numbers within the suits that I had not come across before.  The book is well presented, with a wealth of colour illustrations of the cards and the crystals depicted on them.  The cards are smooth to handle, and are a comfortable size to work with, being just a little larger than the traditional packs.  Both cards and book are contained in a sturdy box, with colour illustrations on it.  This is altogether a bright, friendly pack, with an inviting, open energy.

It works as a divination tool as well!  I have done quite a few short readings, exploring the interpretations given in the book in addition to following my own intuition, and some of the insights have been strikingly accurate!

I would recommend The Crystal Tarot to anyone wishing to explore Tarot, and its wider associations (there are also suggestions for using the cards as a meditation tool), as part of their on-going personal journey.

Review by Diana Savil

Published by CICO Books  www.cicobooks.com


ISBN 978-1-907030-57-4

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by Michael EastwoodThe Crystal Oversouls

These beautiful cards are designed for meditation and contemplation. They stimulate, heal and guide the user deep within.  The accompanying 66 page book contains messages drawn from the author’s direct experience with the crystal oversouls.

Together the 44 cards and book build a map, representing the potential and many stages of our collective, unfolding during this time in human evolution.

Michael says “The mandalas in this book represent my impression of each of the crystal oversoul’s consciousness and spirit.  To my understanding an oversoul is the collective soul or master that all individual crystals in its field will identify and communicate with. When we work thus, for example with an Ajoite, we can communicate with its essential soul, its blueprint, its oversoul.”

I loved reviewing these cards! They are like crystals within crystals as they portray the crystals in a mandala shape. These mandala like forms are reminiscent of water crystals. It makes them very powerful and healing to look at and meditate upon.

When picking a card for myself I drew out Aqua Aura and its number is 24. I thought this significant as I am born on the 24th of May and Aqua is my favourite colour (all colours in the blue and turquoise spectrum are). This card is about inner guidance, and the oversoul of this gemstone helps us when channelling and learning the skills to trust one’s inner guidance. It has a strong link to Lemurian times as well.

When sitting down to contemplate on this card I felt the energy around me increasing in vibration. When this happens there is a high hum in the air. The card drew me in. It is like looking into a kaleidoscope. I kept seeing new things: a tree to remind me of grounding, a panther for strength, a star to remind me of my true origins.

Great cards to work with when you love crystals, mandala’s, energy work, colours and meditation.

Review by Cathelijne Filippo-Kokkeel

Published by Findhorn Press



ISBN 978-184409-571-1

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Using the Ageless Wisdom for Guidance, Insight and Greater Self-AwarenessKabbalah Cards

by Paul Roland and Sylvia Gainsford

This boxed pack contains a wall poster diagram of the Kabbalah glyph of the Tree of Life, a useful and informative explanation booklet and 33 cards (11 images representing the major energies of the spheres and 22 minor cards which represent the paths between them). The Kabbalah is a traditional Jewish metaphysical philosophy that contains ageless and universal wisdom. These cards have been designed for practical everyday use to overcome difficulties, make the most of opportunities, for divination, self-exploration and spiritual development. Sylvia P Gainsford is the artist and designer and she is a specialist in oracle card artwork. Paul Roland is the author of many valued esoteric books and is also a meditation and spiritual teacher.

The major cards are for meditation use, and the minor cards for readings. I chose Malkhut – Earth to meditate upon. The instructions are to look at the card, take deep breaths and enter the picture. This is a young, seated woman in a garden of flowering and fruit laden trees. On the ground is what could be a shield and a ripe apple. The booklet suggests that she has created this garden by drawing up plans, choosing the materials and has worked to produce the products. I was reminded of projects I am working on, and how I can reach good outcomes. I had a revelation to review my projects in order that they avoid depletion of the earth’s capacity to yield health and beauty. My minor card choice was the Hebrew letter Mem – the path between Venus and Jupiter. This card suggests a time of overcoming obstacles by compromise and diplomacy, versatility and flexibility and a need to go with the flow.

I enjoyed these cards very much and am confident that this will become one of my favourite decks.

Review by Wendy Stokes

Published by US Games Systems Inc (2005) www.usgamesinc.com


ISBN 978-3-03819-002-8

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