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by Clemence LefrevreHimalayan Salt Crystal Lamps

Natural salt crystal has been credited with a range of curative powers, from air purification to migraine relief to protection against airborne germs. Mined in the foothills of the Himalayas, where they have absorbed mineral elements that enrich them and imbue them with different colours, salt crystal lamps release healing negative ions into the air when turned on. For healing, harmony & purification there are reasons why every household or treatment room should have one or two salt crystal lamps within their environment.

Clemence’s book gives a good clear background to how rock salt, then salt crystals are formed. The discussion on the different colours of the salt lamps is thorough with clear recommendations as to which lamps should go into different rooms or for different functions, such as meditation, before going to bed, in the office, child’s room, dinning room etc.

The visualisations and the paranormal sciences made interesting reading and this book has re-ignited my desire to have a salt lamp not only in my home but also in my therapy room. As a therapist I shall be recommending to my clients that they may wish to use a lamp to help them combat the effects of stress. Salt lamps bring peace and harmony to the local environment so that we can enjoy our time while here on Mother Earth.

Review by Sally Tyler

Published by Healing Arts Press   www.healingartspress.co.uk

ISBN: 978-1-59477-309-9

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by Fraser MorrisSea of Calm

Stunning debut album by Fraser Morris, taking you through Islands, Rivers & Waterfalls, through Cosmic Beauty and ending up at Realisation of Self.

This album is so soothing and calming and is the perfect remedy for helping to de-stress and wind-down at the end of a long and tiring day. You do notice a calmness that descends into the room as it progresses.

Also, as a therapist I now use this CD to help my clients find that relaxed, calm, person they are without the hustle and bustle of work. All in all this is a thoroughly enjoyable CD.

Review by Sally Tyler


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A Book of Spiritual Poetry

by Valerie ColeA Book of Spiritual Poetry

The drawing and words on the contents page starts with words of delight – “Dear Reader, I honour your path on planet earth. May it be joyous with many blessings of peace and light everlasting”. This drew me to read further into the poems and the simplicity of the words took my breath away. It is a delightful, simple and heartfelt book and these are poems for all occasions.  I especially enjoyed “Transition” finding it very poignant. The delightful drawings by Jill Paine to accompany the poems add a unique specialness to the book aswell.

I would recommend this book to those who like poetry and also to those just starting to take a small step into the world of poetry.

Review by Sally Tyler

Published by Athena Press   www.athenapress.com ISBN: 978-1-84748-223-5

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by Jenny SmedleyAngel Whispers

Have you ever thought you might have seen or heard an angel? If so, this is the book for you. In this easy to use guide you will discover:

– how to ask for help from your angels, and what not to ask for

– how to help your child grow up close to angels

– how to do an angel card reading

– how to make an angel sanctuary

– true stories of angels who visit us

In Angel Whispers the angels really do talk to you!

This book is a veritable compendium covering every aspect of angels and their work with humans and animals. Full of helpful hints and anecdotal evidence of angel contacts, Jenny guides you carefully through each step – including some very beautiful meditations, angel card readings, working with crystals, preparing remedies and more. Has anything been left out? I don’t think so. Certainly, I found this to be a treasure chest of information which not only gave me some new insights but also confirmed much of which I was already aware. Clear and well written, this book is a must for anyone and everyone.

Review by Joan Osbourne

Published by Hay House    www.hayhouse.co.uk ISBN: 978-1-84850-154-6


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by Maria Pelegarisveils of illusion

At times we feel that our lives must have a higher purpose. We long to connect to our own individual Truth. Should one of our life’s challenges become extremely difficult to bear, we might refer to it as the dark night of the soul.

Sophia is a young woman who has become very dissatisfied and disillusioned with life.  She feels trapped. She is then forced to take a journey through the dark night of the soul in her quest for greater meaning. “To be truly free you have to face yourself,” the wise old man of the forest tells Sophia early on in her journey.

The Veils of Illusion is an allegory; a mystical journey of discovery during which Sophie undergoes many trials and tests, each providing her with the arduous tasks of learning greater wisdom and new insights. She encounters a variety of unique and intriguing characters along the way, yet her ultimate goal is to meet her own Shadow self – her unconscious.

This story evokes deep recognition from the first page, and offers hope to anyone who walks their own sacred journey of self-discovery. The resistance to change, woven in with the knowledge that change must occur in order to progress – the challenges which must be met, the frustrations and the joys. This is a book which will open your eyes to the ‘inner’ you; the subconscious which plays such a huge part in your life, but remains unrecognised for so much of the time.  This is an extremely powerful and moving story – be prepared to ride that roller coaster of emotion along with Sophia as she treads her path to wholeness. On a scale of 1 to 10, this book scores 10 plus!

Review by Joan Osborne

Published by AuthorHouse  www.authorhouse.co.uk ISBN: 1-4208-8486-7


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